Unveiling Hürriyet: A Leading Voice in Turkish Media

Hürriyet, meaning “freedom” in Turkish, is a prominent newspaper that has shaped Turkish media for over seven decades. Founded in 1948, it has consistently held the position of one of the country’s most widely read publications. This article delves into Hürriyet’s rich history, its editorial stance, and how to access its content.

A Legacy of News: Hürriyet’s History

  • Early Years (1948-1970s): Established in Istanbul, Hürriyet quickly gained recognition for its focus on objective reporting and diverse content, encompassing news, entertainment, and sports.
  • European Expansion (1960s-present): Recognizing the needs of the Turkish diaspora, Hürriyet began airlifting copies to Europe in the 1960s. Today, it maintains a printing press near Frankfurt, Germany, catering to Turkish communities abroad.
  • Navigating Challenges (Present Day): Hürriyet, like many media outlets, has faced challenges in recent years. The media landscape in Turkey has become increasingly complex, with the ownership of Hürriyet changing hands in 2014.

Despite these shifts, Hürriyet remains a vital news source for Turkish readers worldwide.

Understanding Hürriyet’s Editorial Approach

Hürriyet’s editorial stance is generally considered mainstream, with a center-right or liberal-conservative lean. It aims to present balanced reporting while offering diverse viewpoints through its columnists.

Here’s a breakdown of Hürriyet’s content categories:

  • News: Local, national, and international news coverage across various topics like politics, business, and sports.
  • Opinion: Columns by prominent journalists and commentators offering analysis and perspectives.
  • Lifestyle: Articles on entertainment, culture, travel, and health.
  • Finance: Dedicated section for financial news, market analysis, and investment advice (through its Bigpara platform).

Exploring Hürriyet’s Content: Print and Digital Options

Hürriyet caters to readers through both traditional print media and a robust online presence. Here’s how you can access its content:

  • Print Edition: Available for purchase in Turkey and select European countries.
  • Website ( Offers the full range of Hürriyet’s content in Turkish, including breaking news, articles, and columns.
  • Hürriyet Daily News ( An English-language news website affiliated with Hürriyet, providing international audiences with Turkish news translated into English.
  • Mobile App: Hürriyet offers a mobile app for Android and iOS devices, allowing readers to stay updated on the go.

For those unfamiliar with Turkish, the Hürriyet Daily News serves as an excellent gateway to Turkish news in English.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Hürriyet

  • What is Hürriyet’s political affiliation? Hürriyet maintains a center-right or liberal-conservative editorial stance.
  • Is Hürriyet available in English? Yes, Hürriyet Daily News provides Turkish news translated into English.
  • How can I access Hürriyet’s content? You can access Hürriyet through its website, mobile app, or the Hürriyet Daily News website (in English).
  • Is there a subscription fee? Accessing Hürriyet’s website might require a subscription, but the availability and pricing may vary depending on your location.


Hürriyet remains a powerful force in Turkish media, offering a comprehensive range of news, analysis, and entertainment content. Whether you’re interested in staying informed about Turkish current events, exploring diverse perspectives, or simply seeking a glimpse into Turkish culture, Hürriyet provides a valuable resource.

So, delve into Hürriyet and discover a unique window into the world of Turkish news and media.

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